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When 15-year-old Mercy faces the unimaginable, her courage and resilience come to the fore. What could have been the end of her story is only the start of a new journey.

The facts
The mission


'Mercy' is not a film that begs for sympathy- it strives for change; in the hope that everyone who watches the short film will see how one wrong decision can affect multiple lives. What is powerful about this story- is that even though all that 15-year-old Mercy is going through- she wants to help others. 


Stories like this that describe the courage that young Kenyan girls possess - should not be kept secret and instead be shared with the world. Our hope for this film is that it would launch the 'Think Twice Movement,' which would make men Think Twice' before they even touch a girl. 


Producing a film is no easy feat- but telling a story that is aimed to move millions is even more challenging, and it takes a team that is passionate, hardworking, and devoted to not just making a film- but serving a cause.


Mercy is a film that we hope is going to make an impact on so many people's lives, and when we created each character, we knew that the opportunity to play that role could possibly change someone's life- but choosing the right person for the role would change millions of lives. 

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